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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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argue they even have an easier schedule than the new york giants and the philadelphia eagles, so who knows? they might win this division. >> crazier things have happened. coming up toddlers addicted to technology? find it out what frustrated parents can do when their child prefers the ipad to the pacifier. the news at 10:00 returns in minutes. 
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so we've all heard people joke they're addicted to their ipads, right? apparently it is not just adults. >> that technology has also made its way into the hands of toddlers and experts say this play time often becomes an obsession. fox's brenda flanagan reports. >> reporter: toddlers, some still sucking binkies interact easily with ipads and similar
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devices. check them out all over youtube, but some parents post clips like this one with the message ipad is easy but addictive to toddlers of 18 months. be warned! in online chatrooms desperate parents write my son is not even 2 years old and he's addicted to the ipad. what do i do? >> mama! >> no. >> reporter: it's exactly what this mom wants to know. watch as her 3-year-old xavier reacts to having his ipad taken away. xavier is like an addict quitting cold turkey. instead of drugs his addiction is the ipad. >> all day every day. he'll wake up. he has it. if i want him to go to sleep, has to fall asleep with it. >> reporter: diaz gives her youngest son some milk and cook kills as a diversion, but -- cookies a diversion, but he's back on the ipad in five
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minutes. >> that's like his best friend, best buddy. >> reporter: sadly it's xavier's only buddy. he rarely goes out. he even fights going to school without the ipad. >> i told him to go make friends and he's like no. >> the kids actually start having emotional withdrawal pages. >> reporter: psychologist dr. jeffrey gardier says tools like the ipad offer kids fabulous opportunities to learn. problems start when kids choose a virtual world over t real one. >> they're just not developing the proper social skills toddlers would which is to get out there and play with other kids of. >> reporter: but parents can hit a reset button and we've got some tips to help you handle your young ipad addicts because there's an app for that, in fact, several. time lock screen time and game limit let you control ipad play time. when time is up, it turns off. you can set limits without an app, too but either way expect tantrums. >> you have to be brave and strong parents and suck it up.
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>> reporter: he says set up a schedule for your child. include lots of outside play time and try not to use an ipad as a babyn't say it's bad parenting to hand a child an ipad just to shut them up. it is a little bit lazy. >> reporter: diaz disagrees and says the ipad helps keep xavier calm, that he's learning about the internet. you're okay with this except when you have to take it away. >> yeah. >> reporter: brenda flanagan, fox news. >> lots of conversation going on here. >> i think i'm rethinking the ipad i was going to get for christmas now. >> you were saying it's more about setting limits and having control. >> but those kids can be tenacious, can't they? >> yes, they can. strong mama. gwen, beautiful day today. >> i was so happy because it was veterans day. there were so many things happening outside. mother nature -- >> don't want to be inside playing with the ipad. >> mother nature served it up
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for our veterans. not a bad night. we do have some clouds rolling in, but what a beautiful shot, the beautiful lights of d.c. there in the capital, very nice. tonight is actually still pretty mild, too. temperatures are will above season a norm today and guess what, the week will start warm as well. i know considering what we had today you'll probably be happy to hear that. a strong cold front will bring us changes as it start to move toward the mid-atlantic. temperatures will take a dip. hopefully you enjoyed today and lots of sunshine ahead once we get into mid to late week. we've got a whole mixture of things going on. satellite picture radar combined showing we have clouds starting to stream in from the west. we will end up with partly cloudy skies tonight, but we did benefit from the ridge of high pressure yesterday and today with no shortage of sunshine across our neighborhoods which was great. look at the temperatures today, 71 degrees at reagan national airport, 70 at dulles and 66 at
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bwi thurgood marshall, so definitely a day of temperatures well above seasonal norm. it was very mild and warm outside and enjoyable. right now it's still fairly mild, 54 at d.c., 50 at quantico. we've got 59 to the west at winchester, cooler at cumberland 46 degrees, 58 at hagerstown, 41 at frederick. we've got 52 degrees at leonardtown to the south. not bad at all. as we look at what is going to happen with those temperatures, some huge changes coming. the national ma'am is a really good indication of that. -- map is a really good indication of that. we've got the eastern portion of the country to most of the midsection as far as dallas is concerned. look at the cooler sector, not even cool. i'll call it cold because we've got single digits and temperatures in the 20s. this is the dividing line of a major frontal system. it also shows you where the jet
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stream is and the jet stream tomorrow will shift more toward the east, as the colder conditions. let's go to radar. here's the culprit causing all this, this major frontal system, and this system is gradually moving its way towards us. on the backside of it we're getting all that cooler air pushing in from the north. that's where you saw the jet stream dipping. on the front side we're getting a southerly flow. so we'll be in that warm sector as we head into tomorrow. we'll see our temperatures start to rise. once that frontal system comes through that's where the temperature changes and we are looking at some very cooler days. let's go back to our weather maps, then. with the jet stream we're on the warm sector. here comes that frontal system. it's going to move in monday night into tuesday and when it does, we anticipate seeing some rain showers with it as well. right now it looks like the rain will come in a little late into the evening hours or so. so just make sure you plan accordingly. we'll see increasing clouds into the course of the day tomorrow and by tomorrow
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morning we'll start to see some increase in this moisture that will move up from the gulf. that will set us up for fog in the early morning hours it. may certainly affect your morning commute. in the meantime 51 degrees for your overnight low, a light southerly wind becoming partly cloudy. tomorrow the winds will pick up more with the approach of that frontal system and the ridge will move out off the coast of new england. in between those two you will start to see the winds get gusty. southerly flow, looking at morning fog, overcast skies, windy and some rain showers heading through the day. by midday 63 degrees and those clouds will be in full force by the time we get into the later part of the day. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we are going to end up seeing some -- there it is appearing like magic finally. we will see drier conditions later tuesday and the try run through till the within, but once again we're back to reality -- weekend, but once again we're back to reality.
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a potential threat may be lurking in the billions of tons of cargo that come into the nation every year. customs and border patrol agents are on the front lines. what they are looking for maybe smaller than the naked eye can see but can cause extensive damage. fox 5's sherri ly goes inside the fight against this enemy invader. >> reporter: every day customs and border patrol at the port of baltimore are on the hunt. they're not looking for drugs. >> i'll be searching underneath the plastic. >> reporter: they're looking for bugs capable of wreaking widespread devastation. . >> we find something usually every day. >> reporter: it's david ing's job to prevent invasive pests from getting into the country. they can only search a small fraction of the containers that come in. these insects which can hitchhike in cargo are more
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dangerous than you think. every year invasive species cause up to $100 billion in damage in the u.s., more than hurricane katrina. >> we're looking for high risk cargo that comes into the country. >> reporter: ricardo shelter is port director of baltimore for customs and border patrol. this year the agency intercepted five insects never seen before in baltimore. some can be smaller than a grain of rice. >> you could have crops that are destroyed in the u.s. states. you could have interception of a pest or plant product that can make people sick. >> reporter: just look at what the brown march more mav -- marmalateed stink bug has done. the stink bug hit this farmer's orchard hard this year. >> the stink bug have already sucked some of the juice out of cells. >> reporter: he'll have to sell these apples for juice and
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get half the price he would for a good apple sold in stores. the problem with invasive pests like this is there are no natural predators here. so farmers have to spray to keep the crop damage down. that increases their cost, a cost which is passed on to you in the food you buy. >> how much does it cost me in money? gee, that's a million dollar question. >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture's animal and plant inspection service helps identify suspicious bugs. anything found at the ports or airports comes here. the danger isn't just to crops. giant african snails now multiplying in florida can spread deadly diseases. >> the biggest problem with them is hey, they're big and they eat a lot, but think also carry parasites that are bad from humans. i believe you can even die from it. >> reporter: the asian longhorn beetle are wiping out
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trees en masse. >> it can happen pretty fast. so it's important we find these quickly. >> reporter: in the war on stink bugs the usda set up a line of traps on edge of bob black's farm trying to find a way to stop them. >> we still don't know rhyme or reason of why they're feeding, when. where. >> reporter: meanwhile back at the port we discover a beetle in a tile shipment from italy. >> we did find one hitchhiker but he may be dead. >> reporter: cargo found with invasive pests may be destroyed or sent back, the first line of defense in what is now a multi billion dollar bug battle, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> just last week customs and border patrol announced it intercepted an invasive beetle at the port of baltimore. the bug posed a significant threat to bean and corn crops. it's the first time the beetle had been found in the u.s. if an invasive pest gets into the country, it can cost billions of dollars toker


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